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5 Years Cruising the World, They Still Living the Dream
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5 Years ago, Brian Trautman dropped the mooring lines of his boat Delos, and left the business World in Seattle behind him. He and his crew planned an epic trip across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand but when they finally got there, they weren’t ready to stop…Asia was beckoning.

Asia at Sea talked to Brian about how this all started and to find out where they are now and how they are getting along.

Tell us about the boat. When and where did you buy her? Did you name her yourself? And if so what does the name mean?

I remember the first time I walked down the dock and saw Delos sitting there. She just screamed out “Take me across an ocean!” . I was living and working in Seattle at the time and had been shopping for a solid, blue water cruising boat for over a year. I went to a bunch of boat shows drooling over everything then heard about the Amel boats from a cruising seminar. At that time there was only one Amel Super Maramu for sale on the West coast of the US. It just happened to be in Bellingham, a few hours drive north of Seattle almost on the Canadian border so I headed up to take a look. They say that when you find your boat you know it, and that’s exactly what it was like. I put in an offer and the sale closed a few months later in June of 2008.

They say that when you find your boat you know it, and that’s exactly what it was like

Delos was named by the previous owner and the history goes a little something like this. And I’m paraphrasing here to keep it really short:

Zeus was a bit of a player and was fooling around with Leto. In fact Zeus got her pregnant. Hera found out and banished Leto. This was a problem because apparently the children of gods can’t be born in the human domain. Zeus called in a favor from his bro Poseidon who used his trident to create a magical island named Delos, which was someplace between heaven and earth. Artemis and Apollo were then safely born on the Island of Delos.
I thought it was a pretty sweet story so kept the name!

Main mast seen from the deck of Delos

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